What type of wellness program can a chiropractor provide?

You would be surprised at how many people go to a Grayslake chiropractor for reasons other than an aching back. In fact, the practice of chiropractic medicine is really more about whole wellness than it is about treating instances of illness or pain. While most people do see a chiropractor when they are injured, more and more people are making chiropractic care a part of their total wellness plan.

To understand the back, you must imagine the core
When you make your first appointment with a Grayslake chiropractor they will take your history and examine your posture, spine, joints and other areas of your body. They also examine your musculature. This may seem like a lot for a doctor that only works on spines to be concerned with, but your chiropractor knows something very important about the spine – it is the pivot point and support of your core. Your core, which is the trunk of your body, not only contains your major organs and nerve bundles, but also your primary muscle structures. To have health, one must develop a healthy core. You can't have a healthy core without a healthy spine. The trunk of the body may be its core, but the spine is the body's life.

Can a Grayslake chiropractor help with pain related to anxiety or depression?
Spinal health is essential to wellness and there is increasing evidence that chiropractic treatments can help to relieve numerous disorders, including helping with anxieties and depression. Both are complex neurological and psychological states that have a direct expression in the body through nerve and muscle tension. By relieving the tension with muscle therapy and spinal manipulation, the person is not compromised by a symptom and can focus on resolving the real disorder. Chiropractic care can help with back and neck pain, stenosis, joint pain, nerve damage and more. It is hugely beneficial for athletes, and those dedicated to an athletic lifestyle.

What are the benefits for athletes?
Increasingly more professional teams have a chiropractor on their roster. After an intensive workout or competition, the spine becomes out of alignment. The quicker it can be adjusted back to a normal position, the less interference the muscle and tendons will have during their repair process. One of the services that your Grayslake chiropractor may offer you is a muscle therapy through electro-stimulation and other means. There are also compression and traction therapies, manipulation, massage and guided stretching that are all beneficial to the professional athlete, and the weekend warrior.

What other aspects of wellness will they help with?
Your Grayslake chiropractor can also combine all of the recommended therapies with a diet plan to help you maintain a healthy weight. The amount you weigh has a huge impact on the health of your joints and spine. It wouldn't make sense to invest in your spinal health without also investing in your overall health. A solid diet plan, with follow up and management, can transform your life. Your chiropractor can play an important role in helping you reach all of your wellness goals.

How a chiropractor can help you regain wellness
You will find that no matter what your mobility or health issue, your Grayslake chiropractor can help you to regain quality in your life. By formulating a total wellness plan that has achievable goals, you can begin to enjoy each day increasingly more. Seeing a chiropractor is something you need to do to improve your whole life. At the core of everything is the spine, and no one understands how to get your spine healthy, and help you reach a state of wellness, than your chiropractor.

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